I decided to dedicate a page on my blog for our #3030vision. For those of you who don’t

Miriam speaking with a native Spanish speaker

know what it is, it’s a list that myself, Mark & Miriam each made listing 30 things we want to do before we turn 30. It’s really fun and I urge everyone to participate and make their own #3030vision.

Mark getting his three piece suit


On this page we will track each of our progress through our individual #3030vision lists and share photos along the way.

Now as you’ll see from below, I really need to step up my

Some of my new found baking skills

game as I turn 30 in a mere 6 months. I know I won’t complete mine as I was far too ambitious with my travel goals when I made my list, I also forgot what age I was when I made my list and seemed to think I had ages before I turned 30 (I was well into 28!) but I have full faith in the other two young’uns, they will both complete theirs before they turn 30. However, I will continue to work on stricking things off my #3030vision – even after I turn 30.



Me & Phil in Cuba
Miriam jumping for joy in Cuba


My new tattoo!